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Code card

Use the code card in your test kit for:

  • Test activation
  • Anonymous access to STD tests


If you have a user account, login for:

  • Test results
  • Overview of your tests
  • Activating a new test
  • Discount on a retest


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COVID Immunity Management



Iron Tracking



Hayfever Check



Drop-off locations for COVID PCR Tests

City Address Drop-off times


CityLab Stadelhofen (3. OG)
Gottfried-Keller-Strasse 7
8001 Zurich

Mo-Fr: 08:00-18:00
Sa: 09:00-12:00
So: 09:00-10:00


Einkaufszentrum Neuwiesen, 4. OG
Strickerstrasse 3
8400 Winterthur

Mo-Fr: 09:00-11:30
and 13:30-16:00


Alpenquai 14
6002 Luzern

Mo-Fr: 08:00-18:00
Sa: 09:00-12:00
So: 09:00-10:00


Frequently asked questions about logging in, sampling instructions and test results

Where can I find my test code?

Code cardA personal code card is included in every home-sampling kit and should look similar to this one.

For STD tests, you need this code to access your test results. It helps you to remain anonymous: even we don't know your code! If you don't have your code card anymore, please contact our customer service.

For all other tests, you will only need this card once: to activate your test. To access your test results, you can just use your login details.

How to create a user account?

When you activate your test, you will be asked for the personal code that is on the code card in your test kit. To make sure that only you have access to the test results, you will be asked to create a secure user account.

Is your test an STD test? Most of our customers prefer to test anonymously for STDs. That's why you are not offered the possibility to create a user account. If you took more than one test with us, your STD tests will not appear in My Tests.

I don't remember if I have a login?

For STD tests we don't offer user accounts. Always use your code card to access your test.

For all other tests: when you are not sure if you have a user account, access your test with the code on your code card. If you have a login, you will be sent an email with a link to recover your user account. This email is sent to the email address we have on record.

If you don't have access to your code card anymore, try logging in with the email address that you think you've used before. Usually your browser remembers your password. If not, you can request an email with a link to recover your user account. If you do not receive the recovery email, that means that there is no active user account for that email. Contact our customer service in that case.

When will my test results be ready?

  • Often the test results are already available around 8:45 PM on the 2nd working day after you have returned your sample. If not, the results are usually ready by 8:45 AM the next morning.

    Locate the day you have returned your sample to us in the table below, to find out when you can expect the results.

Return day → Results available

Monday → Wednesday/ThursdayText

Tuesday → Thursday/Friday

Wednesday → Friday/Monday

Thursday → Monday/Tuesday

Friday → Tuesday/Wednesday

Saturday → Tuesday/Wednesday

Sunday → Tuesday/Wednesday


In some cases, your results are available one working day later. For example when:

          • Hayfever test results arrive once a week, generally on Wednesday
          • Swiss Post already emptied the mailbox before you returned your sample
          • Swiss Post had a delay returning your sample to us
          • Our courier arrives late at the lab (usually only half a day delay)
          • It is very busy at the lab (usually only half a day delay)
          • One of the days is a public holiday

Personal communication about delays is impossible, as our service is setup for anonymity. This means we don't know who is affected when there is a delay. Feel free to reach out at any time if you believe your results should have been available already!

Will I be notified when my results are in?

When you activate a test, you will be asked to create a user account - or to login with your existing account. During test activation, you can choose to receive notifications when your test is first scanned by the lab and once more when the test results are ready. Notifications can be sent as an email, SMS or both.

When you register an STD test, we ask you to leave your email or phone number. If you do, you will receive notifications when your test is first scanned by the lab and once more when the test results are ready. Do NOT throw away your code card! You need this code to access your test results, as these tests are anonymous.

Why do I need to activate my test?

For all tests, except for STD tests, we ask you to activate your test before you take your sample. We do this, as the lab needs to know when your sample was taken. Also, we give you the option to opt-in or opt-out from receiving notifications. We won't send marketing messages.

For some tests, we ask for additional information. In such cases, we need this information to be able to deliver our full service.

Your data are stored in a medical grade secure user account. Once you have linked your test to a user account, no one else can use your code anymore. We do this to make sure that only the person who takes the test can see the results, regardless of who bought the test.

Where can I see my orders?

For every order you place, you receive an order confirmation email or SMS. With the link in there, you can access your order.

Your user account gives you access to all your activated tests and their results. Your orders are not visible in your user account, as it frequently happens that the one who orders is not the one who takes the test.

Can I change my phone number or email address?

Yes, you can. Currently we don't offer this online yet. Please contact our customer service.

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You can now also test for hayfever & iron deficiency.

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Hayfever Check

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Detects alternative triggers for hayfever symptoms, such as dust mites & pets

Samples are taken at home and evaluated by Swiss lab

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Iron Tracking

Identifies iron deficiency by measuring ferritin levels in your blood

Predicts risk of developing iron deficiency based on the development of your iron level over time (requires testing regularly)

Samples are taken at home and evaluated by Swiss lab

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