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Thank you for taking our test! For STD Tests, access your lab test results with the code on the enclosed card. If you took more than 1 test, repeat this for each test.

For all other tests, first activate your test before taking your sample or log in to your account you created during test activation to access your results.

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Instructions Female Basics STD Test

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STD Test

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STD Test

Instructions COVID Immunity Management

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Instructions Hayfever


All things you might want to know around managing your tests.

Where can I find my test code?

A code card is included in your home-sampling kit and should look similar to the one on the picture below. For STD tests, you need this code to access your test results. It helps you to remain anonymous: even we don't know your code! If you don't have your code card anymore, please contact our customer service.

For all other tests, you only need this card to activate your test. To access your test results, you can just use your login details.

When will my test results be ready?

  • Often the test results are already available around 8:45 PM on the 2nd working day after you have returned your sample. If not, the results are usually ready by 8:45 AM the next morning.

    Locate the day you have returned your sample to us in the table below, to find out when you can expect the results.

Return day → Results available

Monday → Wednesday/ThursdayText

Tuesday → Thursday/Friday

Wednesday → Friday/Monday

Thursday → Monday/Tuesday

Friday → Tuesday/Wednesday

Saturday → Tuesday/Wednesday

Sunday → Tuesday/Wednesday


In some cases, your results are available one working day later. For example when:

          • Hayfever test results arrive once a week, generally on Wednesday
          • Swiss Post already emptied the mailbox before you returned your sample
          • Swiss Post had a delay returning your sample to us
          • Our courier arrives late at the lab (usually only half a day delay)
          • It is very busy at the lab (usually only half a day delay)
          • One of the days is a public holiday

Personal communication about delays is impossible, as our service is setup for anonymity. This means we don't know who is affected when there is a delay. Feel free to reach out at any time if you believe your results should have been available already!

Can I be notified when my results are in?

To be notified when your test results are in, register the test result code from your code card. We will then notify you as soon as your results are in.

Why do you need to register first? Our tests are anonymous, we don't know which results belong to which person. By registering your test result code, we know whom to inform.

Check out our new tests!

You can now also test for hayfever, iron deficiency & COVID antibodies.

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Hayfever Check

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checks presence and severity of allergic reaction to 20+ most common pollen

assess alternative triggers for hayfever symptoms such as dust mites & pets

samples are taken at home and evaluated by Swiss lab

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Iron Tracking

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identifies iron deficiency by measuring ferritin levels in your blood

detects risk of developing iron deficiency based relationship between previous and newest tests

samples are taken at home and evaluated by Swiss lab

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COVID Immunity Management

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check if you developed protection based on previous infection or vaccination with COVID antibody test

samples are taken at home and evaluated by a Swiss lab

receive ongoing personalized immunity updates based on test results, health questionnaire & newest scientific findings

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