360° Fatigue Check

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Tests for possible sources of persistent tiredness like for example vitamin deficiencies or thyroid issues

Get personalised advice on how to get your energy back from a Swiss doctor

Take your sample from home, analysis by Swiss lab

Being tired seems to be your default mode these days? Then this test is your first step to get your energy back! With it, we check for 7 common causes for persistent tiredness. Also, a Swiss doctor will review your results and provide individual recommendations on what you need to do to get your energy back.

The Fatigue Check is a medical test specifically designed for home use and your sample will be evaluated by Synlab, a leading Swiss lab.

After taking your sample, you return it to our lab partner, Synlab, by dropping off the included Retourbox in any Swiss Post mailbox before it is emptied that day. You will receive your results and your individual recommendations from a Swiss doctor 2-3 days later online.


What you get with the Fatigue Check

Test for 7 possible causes of persistent tiredness

There are many different possible reasons why you are always tired. With the Fatigue Check, we analyse 7 common causes ranging from vitamin deficiency, to thyroid issues and cortisol levels.

Individual recommendations from a Swiss doctor

A Swiss doctor will review your lab results and provide an individual assessment and recommendations on what to do to get your energy back. The doctor´s report is provided online together with your lab results.

How the test works

Step 1

Order your test online

  • if you order before 5:30pm, your test will arrive the next working day
  • if you order after 5:30pm it arrives on the 2nd working day
  • all tests arrive with Swiss Post

Step 2

Activate test and take your sample

  • activate your test online using the code in your test box and then take your sample
  • put the sample into the Retourbox and return it to our Swiss lab by dropping the box into any mailbox

Step 3

Get your test results online

  • log in to view your results online within 1-3 days
  • results include your lab results for 7 common causes of fatigue as well as an individual assessment from a Swiss doctor with recommendations on how to get your energy back

Step 4

Get treatment if necessary

  • in case there is an issue, follow treatment recommendations from the doctor
  • get re-tested if necessary to make sure treatment was successful

Possible causes for fatigue analysed with the test

Individual assessment & recommendations by Swiss doctor

What your doctor´s report covers

A Swiss doctor will review your lab results and provide

- an assessment of what those results mean

- concrete recommendations on what you need to do to get your energy back in case there is a problem

What our customers have to say

Super professional, fast and reliable.

Testing finally is made easy and without any need to visit a doctor.

Arek, May 2021

Great service.

I found the whole process seamless and straightforward. Would 100% recommend.

Thomas, January 2021


Quick delivery, clear instructions and easy to use.

Gwendolen, April 2021

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