Eisentest | aktueller Ferritin Wert & Veränderung über die Zeit | Schweizer Labor

CHF 59
Eisentest | aktueller Ferritin Wert & Veränderung über die Zeit | Schweizer Labor

Eisentest | aktueller Ferritin Wert & Veränderung über die Zeit | Schweizer Labor

CHF 59

Iron deficiency testing

Manage iron deficiency effectively and stress-free

Regularly check your iron levels with a home sampling test. Identify an iron deficiency. Detect iron deficiency risk early based on drop in iron levels. All from the comfort of your own home.

What you get with iron tracking

Regular iron tests sent to your home

Medical test designed for home sampling which checks your ferritin levels. Sample assessed by Swiss lab. Best test every 3 to 6 months.

Assessment of current iron status

Results are available online within 2-3 days. Recommendations for action in case of deficiency or risk for deficiency.

Early detection of iron deficiency risk

Results are linked to previous test results to assess changes in iron level over time and detect risk of deficiency early.

Who iron tracking is relevant for

Menstruating women

Almost 20% of women of "reproductive age" - that means that they are menstruating - have an iron deficiency. The reason for this is, that with each period, they lose quite a bit of iron.

Vegans & vegetarians

Meat is a big source of iron. That is why eating little or no meat can easily lead to an iron deficiency in both women and men unless you intentionally incorporate iron-rich food in your diet.

Previous iron deficiency

If you had iron deficiency in the past and you did not change anything about your diet or your life style, it is very likely that you will develop iron deficiency again.

Get iron tracking now

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Iron Tracking

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identifies iron deficiency by measuring ferritin levels in your blood

detects risk of developing iron deficiency based on current iron status and changes in iron since previous test

samples are taken at home and evaluated by Swiss lab

How it works

Step 1:

Order your iron test online

  • if you order before 5:30pm, your test will arrive the next working day
  • if you order after 5:30pm it arrives on the 2nd working day
  • all tests arrive with Swiss Post

Step 2:

Activate test & take your sample

  • activate your test online using the code in your test box and then take your sample
  • put the sample into the Retourbox and return it to our Swiss lab by dropping the box into any mailbox

Step 3:

Get your test results online

  • log in to view your results online within 2-3 days
  • results tell you if you have an iron deficiency and if your are at risk of developing one based on drop in iron compared to your last test

Step 4:

Retest regularly & treat deficieny if necessary

  • get treatment if it turns out you have an iron deficiency or if you are at risk of iron levels dropping too low
  • get re-tested every 3-6 months to monitor treatment results and catch drops in iron levels before symptoms

Treatment options if you have iron deficiency

  • Supplements
  • Iron drip
  • Dietary change

Iron supplements

If you have an iron deficiency, you first need to replenish your iron stores. The most common way to do that, is to take iron pills, which you can get at any pharmacy.

Important to know: Iron is better absorbed if you take it with Vitamin C. So take your iron pills with some orange juice.

To make sure, that treatment worked, you should re-test about 6 weeks after you started taking iron supplements.

Iron drip

If you have a very severe iron deficiency or if supplements are not working well, you can also get an iron drip.
Usually, it´s the fastest way to replenish your iron stores. It is, however, a lot more expensive than supplements and it requires a doctor´s visit. You might require one or more drips.
Just like with supplements, it always makes sense to re-test 4 to 6 weeks after you received treatment to make sure that your iron levels are back to normal.

Nutrition advice

You take in iron through your food. So if you have developed an iron deficiency, your diet is probably not providing you with enough iron to cover what your body uses or loses (for example through menstruation).
Getting advice on how to change your diet to cover your iron needs based on your lifestyle can help prevent recurring iron deficiency. It might just require a few tweaks to your normal meal plan.

More iron deficiency services coming soon!

We are working on new services for iron deficiency treatment - sign up for product updates to stay informed!

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