Vitamin B12 Test

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analyses current Vitamin B12 levels and identifies deficiency as well as risk of deficiency

provides treatment recommendations in case of deficiency or risk of deficiency

samples are taken at home and evaluated by Swiss lab

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The Vitamin B12 test is a medical test specifically designed for home use and your sample will be evaluated by a Swiss lab.

With the Vitamin B12 test, we assess the levels of Vitamin B12 in your blood. Your test is analysed by a leading Swiss lab, Synlab. Learn more about the test>.

Vitamin B12 is important for a wide range of bodily functions such as DNA synthesis and brain health. Learn more about Vitamin B12 > 


Who should get tested

Vegans & Vegetarians

Vegans & vegetarians are at a high risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency because a plant-based diet does not contain any Vitamin B12. Testing once a year is strongly recommended.

Pregnant women

During pregnancy, the body requires more Vitamin B12 than normal. Get tested to make sure that you have not developed a deficiency, especially if you follow a plant-based diet.

People taking one of the following medications

Medications such as PPI (for x), H2 blockers (for x) as well as Metformin (for diabetes) can lead to Vitamin B12 deficiency.

People with one of the following condition

You have a high risk of vitamin B12 deficiency if you have Morbus Crohn or had a gastric bypass surgery, because your body cannot absorb Vitamin B12 well.

How it works

Step 1:

Order your Vitamin B12 test online

  • if you order before 5:30pm, your test will arrive the next working day
  • if you order after 5:30pm it arrives on the 2nd working day
  • all tests arrive with Swiss Post

Step 2:

Activate test & take your sample

  • activate your test online using the code in your test box and then take your sample
  • put the sample into the Retourbox and return it to our Swiss lab by dropping the box into any mailbox

Step 3:

Get your test results online

  • log in to view your results online within 2-3 days
  • results tell you if you have a Vitamin B12 deficiency or if your are at risk of developing one and tell you what to do if that is the case

Step 4:

Retest regularly & treat deficieny if necessary

  • get treatment if it turns out you have a Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • get re-tested after 2-3 months to monitor treatment results
  • re-test once a year to avoid developing a deficiency in the future

What your test results tell you

Current Vitamin B12 status


Treatment recommendations


Treatment options for vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 supplements

The most common way to re-fill your vitamin B12 stores is to take supplements. There is a wide range of products from tablets or drops to chewing gum or even toothpaste available. We recommend to pick something, which you can easily integrate into your everyday life so it¬īs easy to stick with treatment.

Important: if you follow a plant-based diet, you should take vitamin B12 supplement on an ongoing basis.

To make sure, that treatment worked, you should re-test about 6 weeks after you started taking supplements. For vegans & vegetarians, we strongly recommend to test once a year to make sure you don¬īt have a deficiency.

Vitamin B12 injections

If you have a pronounced Vitamin B12 deficiency, the fastest and most effective way to get back to normal Vitamin B12 levels is to get one or more Vitamin B12 injections. To get those, you will have to see a doctor.

To make sure that it works, remember to re-test 4-6 weeks after you received your last injection.

What our customers have to say

My diet is largely plant based, so I have vitamin B12 deficiency pretty often. So far, I always found out because I had symptoms. So much better to just be able to test regularly at a good price and take supplements before I ever get a deficiency!

Anna, 30

I¬īm vegan and I know that I need to check my vitamin B12 levels regularly, but having to go see a doctor is such a hastle and you always have to also pay for the consult. Being able to do this from home by myself is so much easier!

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About Vitamin B12 deficiency

What does vitamin B12 do in my body?

Vitamin B12 has various jobs in our body. For example, it is necessary for DNA synthesis, maintenance of myelin sheaths (very important for our nerves to function properly), synthesis of neurotransmitters, blood cell production and important for overall brain health.

Where is vitamin B12 found?

    • Vitamin B12 is created by bacteria in the intestines of humans and animals. Humans take in vitamin B12 by eating animal products like meat, fish and milk products. Important to know: there is no 'natural' occurance of vitamin B12 plants. Therefore, vegans and vegetarians are at a high risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency unless they take supplements.

What are symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency?

  • Common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include tingling in the hands and feet, problems with balance, confusion, dementia, weakness, loss of appetite as well as anemia.

What causes vitamin B12 deficiency?

Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products such as meat, fish and milk. Therefore, if you are vegetarian or even vegan, you are very likely to not take in enough vitamin B12 through your diet. Other causes can be issues with absorption of vitamin B12 in your intestines due to gastrointestinal diseases like Morbus Crohn, medication such as PPI, H2-receptor blockers or if you had gastric bypass surgery.

How can you treat vitamin B12 deficiency?

Vitamin B12 deficiency is treated by "re-filling" your vitamin B12 stores through supplements or vitamin B12 injections. If you are willing to eat animal products, you can also adjust your diet to increase you vitamin B12 intake on a daily basis. A nutritionist can help you with that!

How can you prevent vitamin B12 deficiency?

If you are vegan or vegetarian and therefore unlikely to take in enough vitamin B12 through your normal diet, the most effective way to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency is to continuously take vitamin B12 supplements (tablets, drops or even chewing gum or tooth paste). If you eat animal products, you can adjust your diet to take in enough vitamin B12 on a daily basis with the help of a nutritionist. Additionally, you should test your vitamin B12 levels once a year to catch low vitamin B12 levels before they develop into a deficiency.

Recommended daily intake of vitamin B12?

The recommended daily intake of vitamin B12 is between 4 and 7 mcg. But how do you manage that? Content of Vitamin B12 varies but is generally found in animal products such as meat, fish and milk products. According to US department of agriculture, for example:

- one egg has about 1.1 mcg
- 100 g of 1% fat milk have 0.5 mcg
- 100g meat have 0.6 mcg
- 100 g Atlantic salmon, cooked has about 2.8mcg / 100g
If you are super committed: liver is your best bet to get enough Vitamin B12 with about 18.7 mcg / 100g !

About the test

Who analyses my sample?

Your sample is analysed by Synlab, an accredited, large Swiss lab.

What do the results tell me?

  • The test will tell you, if your vitamin B12 levels are in a normal range or not. In case they are not, we also provide you with recommendations on how to proceed.

How does taking my sample work?

With the test kit, you receive all necessary sampling materials which you need to take a few drops of blood from your finger. To do that, you prick your finger with a lancet and collect the blood drops in a small vial which we send you. After collecting the blood, you put the sample in the Retourbox which we provide and drop it off in any Swiss post mailbox. Want to know more? Here is the link to the instruction video of how to take the sample: video.

How reliable is the test?


How often should I get tested?

We recommend to get tested once a year. This is especially important for vegans and vegetarians, since you are at a high risk of vitamin B12 deficiency if you follow a plant-based diet.

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