Iron test I current ferritin value & changes over time I Swiss lab

CHF 69
Iron test I current ferritin value & changes over time I Swiss lab

Iron test I current ferritin value & changes over time I Swiss lab

CHF 69

Iron Tracking


identifies iron deficiency by measuring ferritin levels in your blood

detects risk of developing iron deficiency based on current iron status and changes in iron since previous test

samples are taken at home and evaluated by Swiss lab

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The iron test is a medical test specifically designed for home use and your sample will be evaluated by Synlab, a leading Swiss lab. Learn more about the test>.

With the iron test, we assess the level of ferritin in your blood, which is the main indicator to evaluate your iron status. Learn more about iron > 

If you have taken an iron test with us before, we will also link these results and use them to calculate the change in ferritin over time to detect a risk of developing iron deficiency early.


Who should get tested

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How it works

What our customers have to say

Super professional, fast and reliable.

Testing finally is made easy and without any need to visit a doctor.

Arek, May 2021

Great service.

I found the whole process seamless and straightforward. Would 100% recommend.

Thomas, January 2021


Quick delivery, clear instructions and easy to use.

Gwendolen, April 2021

What test results tell you

Current iron status & treatment recommendations if necessary

Results will tell you if your iron levels are normal, too low or at a risk of being too low. If they are not normal, we tell you what to do.

Recommendations about how to maintain healthy iron levels

Learn how much iron you need and how you can adapt your diet to make sure you fill up on iron on a daily basis.

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Treatment options for iron deficiency

Iron supplements

If you have an iron deficiency, you first need to replenish your iron stores. The most common way to do that, is to take iron pills, which you can get at any pharmacy.

Important to know: Iron is better absorbed if you take it with Vitamin C. So take your iron pills with some orange juice.

To make sure, that treatment worked, you should re-test about 6 weeks after you started taking iron supplements.

Iron drip

If you have a very severe iron deficiency or if supplements are not working well, you can also get an iron drip.
Usually, it´s the fastest way to replenish your iron stores. It is, however, a lot more expensive than supplements and it requires a doctor´s visit. You might require one or more drips.
Just like with supplements, it always makes sense to re-test 4 to 6 weeks after you received treatment to make sure that your iron levels are back to normal.

Nutrition advice

You take in iron through your food. So if you have developed an iron deficiency, your diet is probably not providing you with enough iron to cover what your body uses or loses (for example through menstruation).
Getting advice on how to change your diet to cover your iron needs based on your lifestyle can help prevent recurring iron deficiency. It might just require a few tweaks to your normal meal plan.

About iron

What does iron deficiency do in the body?

Iron has lots of functions in our body.

On the one hand, it is necessary for creating hemoglobin which is in turn responsible for transporting oxygen through our body). Beyond that, it is necessary for synthesising several enzymes and proteins which not only contribute to our immune system and our brain functioning well, but are also important for good physical performance.

Who is at risk of iron deficiency?

    • The two major risk factors for developing an iron deficiency:
      1. Being a woman from the moment you get your first period - and start losing quite a bit of iron with each of those periods - to the moment when you stop menstruating
    • 2. Not taking in enough iron through your food, which is often the case for vegans and vegetarians

      A less common reason for iron deficiency is that your body needs more iron than normal which is the case during pregnancy or for elite athletes.

      In some cases, your body might also have issues with absorbing iron you take in through your food. This can be caused by specific medications like PPIs or medical conditions like chronic gastritits.

Symptoms of iron deficiency?

  • Iron deficiency can cause a whole lot of not-so-awesome symptoms like:
    - headache
    - diminished cognitive function
    - fatigue - that means always being tired
    - depression
    - impaired memory
    - diminished exercise tolerance
    - muscle and joint pain
    - weight gain

Treatment of iron deficiency?

Step 1: If you have an iron deficiency, a doctor will first rule out any serious health conditions which might be causing your iron deficiency.

Step 2: If things are all good on that front, an iron deficiency is treated with supplements. Supplements can be taken in the form of pills or, especially if you have a severe iron deficiency, your doctor might prescribe you an iron drip.

Step 3: Beyond that, you might want to get some dietary advice to up your iron intake with your daily food. That is also a good way to prevent iron deficiency in the future.

Prevention of iron deficiency?

The best way to prevent iron deficiency is to

- test regularly
- and to fix the root cause of your iron deficiency - which is mostly a lack of iron in your diet.

By testing regularly, you can track, if you ferritin value - which is measured to determine your iron status - is sinking or might even already put you in a deficiency risk zone.

If you know this, you can avoid developing an iron deficiency by increasing your iron intake or taking supplements before you get into a deficiency zone.

About the test

Who analyses my sample?

Your sample is analysed by Synlab, an accredited, large Swiss lab.

What do the results tell me?

  • The test will tell you, if your iron levels are in a normal range or not.

    In case they are not - that means if they are too low or at a risk of being too low or that they are too high - we also provide you with recommendations on how to proceed.

How does taking my sample work?

With the test kit, you receive all necessary sampling materials which you need to take a few drops of blood from your finger.

To do that, you prick your finger with a lancet and collect the blood drops in a small vial which we send you. After collecting the blood, you put the sample in the Retourbox which we provide and drop it off in any Swiss post mailbox.

Want to know more? Here you can find the instruction video:

How reliable is the test?

As long as you take your sample correctly, the test is as reliable as the test you take at the doctor´s office.

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