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Undiscovered & untreated Chlamydia infections are a leading reason for infertility in women. Solution: get tested routinely to get treatment in time.

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Iron deficiency

Blood loss during periods puts us at a much higher risk for iron deficiency than men. By testing 1-2 times a year, you can catch issues early & avoid symptoms.

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Contraception subscription

Sick of stressing about running to the doctor every few months to get a refill for your contraceptive pill, vaginal ring or patch? Yeah, us too. That´s why we built a subscription so you can get it home deliverd regularly. Prescription included.

Did you know that Chlamydia can cause infertility? Even without having symptoms

Our Chief Medical Officer explains how Chlamydia can lead to infertility and why testing is key to protecting yourself.

In Switzerland, 3-10% of the sexually active population is affected by chlamydia - among young sexually active persons even up to 13%. This number has remained constant over the last few years. 70% of the affected persons are women.

The nasty thing about a chlamydia infection is that for a long time there are no symptoms at all, but the infection can be passed on unsuspectingly during the next sexual contact. Particularly problematic for women is that the infection can ascend to the fallopian tubes or ovaries, where a permanent inflammatory reaction can alter the tissue, cause it to stick together and ultimately make it infertile - completely without symptoms.

To avoid a ping-pong effect it is important that in case of an infection the partner is treated as well!

Dr. Robert Döring, Chief Medical Officer @ Health Yourself

Fight infertiliy with regular Chlamydia testing

With our Female Bascis Test you can do it comfortably and discreetly from home.

Chlamydia Test from home

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Tests for Chlamydia & Tripper infection, which can lead to infertility even without symptoms

Take your sample discreetly and comfortably from home, no doctor´s visit needed

receive results within 2-3 days online, official lab report included

1 in 4 women has an iron deficiency. This is what you should know about it:

What does iron do in the body?

Iron has lots of functions in our body. On the one hand, it is necessary for creating hemoglobin which is in turn responsible for transporting oxygen through our body.

Beyond that, it is necessary for synthesising several enzymes and proteins which not only contribute to our immune system and our brain functioning well, but are also important for good physical performance.

Who is at risk of iron deficiency?

    • The two major risk factors for developing an iron deficiency:
      1. Being a woman from the moment you get your first period - and start losing quite a bit of iron with each of those periods - to the moment when you stop menstruating
    • 2. Not taking in enough iron through your food, which is often the case for vegans and vegetarians

      A less common reason for iron deficiency is that your body needs more iron than normal which is the case during pregnancy or for elite athletes.

      In some cases, your body might also have issues with absorbing iron you take in through your food. This can be caused by specific medications like PPIs or medical conditions like chronic gastritis.

What are symptoms of iron deficiency?

  • Iron deficiency can cause a whole lot of not-so-awesome symptoms like:
    - headache
    - diminished cognitive function
    - fatigue - that means always being tired
    - depression
    - impaired memory
    - diminished exercise tolerance
    - muscle and joint pain
    - weight gain

How is iron deficiency treated?

Step 1: If you have an iron deficiency, a doctor will first rule out any serious health conditions which might be causing your iron deficiency.

Step 2: If things are all good on that front, an iron deficiency is treated with supplements. Supplements can be taken in the form of pills or, especially if you have a severe iron deficiency, your doctor might prescribe you an iron drip.

Step 3: Beyond that, you might want to get some dietary advice to up your iron intake with your daily food. That is also a good way to prevent iron deficiency in the future.

How can I prevent iron deficiency?

The best way to prevent iron deficiency is to
- test regularly
- and to fix the root cause of your iron deficiency - which is mostly a lack of iron in your diet.

By testing regularly, you can track, if your ferritin value - which is measured to determine your iron status - is sinking or might even already put you in a deficiency risk zone.

If you know this, you can avoid developing an iron deficiency by increasing your iron intake or taking supplements before you get into a deficiency zone.

This is how you test for an iron deficiency from your living room

Step 1

Order your iron test online

  • if you order before 5:30pm, your test will arrive the next working day
  • if you order after 5:30pm it arrives on the 2nd working day
  • all tests arrive with Swiss Post

Step 2

Activate test and take your sample

  • activate your test online using the code in your test box and then take your sample
  • put the sample into the Retourbox and return it to our Swiss lab by dropping the box into any mailbox

Step 3

Get your test results online

  • log in to view your results online within 1-3 days
  • results tell you, if you have an iron deficiency and if your are at risk of developing one based on a drop in iron compared to your last test

Step 4

Retest regularly & treat deficiency if necessary

  • get treatment if it turns out you have an iron deficiency or if you are at risk of iron levels dropping too low
  • get re-tested every 3-6 months to monitor treatment results and catch drops in iron levels before symptoms

Pilot program: Contraceptive pill & vaginal ring subcription

Get your hormonal contraceptives delivered to your home regulary. Prescription included.

Set up your contraceptives subscription

Answer some questions about your health,
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Receive your medication with Swiss post

Your request will be reviewed by a doctor. Once approved, your medication will be delivered within 1-2 days by a Swiss online pharmacy.

Reorder with a few clicks

One month before your medication will run out, we will send you a re-order reminder. You will be able to re-order with a few clicks from your user dashboard.

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