Were you tested or diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease? It is important to warn the people you had sex with. There is no way to make this sound any nicer: you have gotten your infection from someone else. Pretty certainly it was someone you had sex with and trusted. Whether protected or not, whether it was in a relationship, cheating or a one-night-stand, it is important that this person knows, as they are risking infertility if they don't timely treat their infection. Just like you got it from someone, you may have also passed it on to others. Therefore: (wo)man up! Put aside any feelings of shame, hurt, pride, etc. The sexual health of your bed partner(s) is in your hands.

Keep an eye on this page, as we will soon be offering the possibility to warn your sex partner(s) anonymously.

As a rule of thumb we recommend to warn everyone you have had sex with in the past half a year, or after your last test.