Medication subscriptions

Medication re-ordering, bust fast and hassle-free. Set up your subscription once, re-order with a few clicks. No doctor's visit needed. Prescription included. Home delivery within 2-3 working days.

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Contraception subscription
Get contraceptive pills, vaginal ring or hormonal patch home delivered within 2-3 days
Set up subscription once, re-order with a few clicks in the future
Prescription included
from CHF 70 for 6 months package
Hayfever medication subscription
Get anti-allergy medication home deliverd within 2-3 days
Configure full season package from anti-allergy pills to nose-sprays and eye-drops
Set up subscription once, re-order with a few clicks for the next season
from CHF 70 for season package
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How to set up your subscription


Chose medication & answer some health questions

To set up your subscription, answer a few questions about your health to make sure you can take the medication in question without any risk.


Verify identity & previous use of medication

Confirm your identity with a selfie video and upload an old prescription or book a short phone call back from our partner doctors if you do not have an old prescription.


Get medication home-delivered

Your request will be reviewed by a Swiss doctor. Once it is approved, your medication will be delivered within 2-3 working days.


Re-order with a few clicks

Once you have set up your supscription, you can re-order with a few clicks.

Questions about our medication subscriptions? We have answers.

Do I need to have a prescription to use this service?

A prescription is NOT needed to use this service. A prescription will be issued as part of the service.

Having an old prescription will only make the subscription set up faster for some types of medication. If in those cases you do not have a previous prescription, you simply book a short call with our partner doctors as part of your first order.

Can I get a subscription for any kind of medication?

At the moment, we are only offering prescriptions for specific types of medications such as hayfever medication and hormonal birth control.

Send us an email to if you have a wish about which medication we should offer in the future!

How will I receive my medication?

Your medication will be provided by Swiss online pharmacy Zur Rose. Delivery will happy with Swiss Post. Please be aware that for legal reasons, delivery requires a signature, so in case you are not home when the package is delviered you might have to go pick it up at a post office.

Do I have to go through the entire order process again when I want to re-order?

No, re-ordering only takes a few clicks and 1-2 minutes. When you re-order, you will only have to answer a few health questions to make sure that there are no changes in your health status which could put you at risk when you take the medication in question. You do not have to verify your identity again and you also do not need to upload an old prescription or speak to a doctor.