Health Yourself

We are building the one-stop-shop for your health

We offer medical products and services from testing to treatment & management to address common health concerns for 18-35 year olds.

All our products are built to deliver the best possible value and experience for our users. To do that, we re-design existing key medical services to meet the needs of Digital Natives and leverage digital touch points to delivery additional value. Time for healthcare to suck less!

Home sampling tests

Online consultations

Online support groups

Prescriptions & medication delivery

Home sampling tests

All our tests are medical tests designed for home sampling. Samples are analysed by a Swiss lab.

Female Basics
STD Test

CHF 79

Male Basics
STD Test

CHF 79

STD Test

CHF 89

COVID Immunity Management

CHF 99


CHF 59


CHF 89

Online consultations

Get in contact with doctors and therapists from the comfort of your home.

Post-pandemic mental health check

from CHF 79


from CHF 79


from CHF 69


from CHF 69

Online support groups

Anonymous support groups guided by a mental health professional.

Dealing with

from CHF 15

Living with

from CHF 15

Recovering from

from CHF 15

Prescriptions & medication delivery

Manage your recurring medication needs with prescriptions based on health questionnaires & medication delivered to your home.

Hayfever medication subscription

from CHF 49

Acne treatment subscription

from CHF 49

Birth control

from CHF 99

We re-design & augment key healthcare services to meet needs of Digital Natives

With COVID immunity management, we leverage state-of-the-art medical tests and online touchpoints to give people long-term clarity about their COVID immunity status.

Step #1. Redesign lab testing service

✔️Lab provides sampling material & we create a home sampling test kit including certified packaging.
✔️Customer has test delivered to their home, takes sample, returns it to the lab with Swiss post - no doctor´s visit needed
✔️Sample is analysed in state of the art lab and user receives COVID antibody test results online through our platform within days

Step #2. Augment service to add value for users

✔️We leverage digital infrastructure to capture additional information about COVID history - infections, vaccination, risk factors - during online test activation
✔️We use test results & health questionnaire data to provide immunity updates about protection from mutations, need for re-vaccination, immunity duration & more

We are looking for a medical partner to give our users access to doctors´ services

Together, we are looking to expand our offering into mental health, nutrition advice and allergy management.

Holistic mental health services

- Post-pandemic mental health check as a low-threshold introductary mental health service
- Online access to individual therapy if necessary
- Online support groups for anxiety, depression and burnout for both "patients" and loved ones

Nutrition advice

- advice on dietary changes to sustainably treat & prevent mineral deficiencies like iron deficiency as follow up to a "positive" test

- advice on how to deal with food intolerances and allergies as a follow up to "positive" test

Hayfever management

  • - hayfever symptom medication subscription to get your "season pack" delivered on time every year
- immunotherapy @ home (SLIT) for hayfever without need for injections & time-consuming doctor´s visits

More products coming soon!

We are working on new services for for things like nutrition & mental health. Sign up for product updates & to get early access!

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Who we are

We are a startup from Zurich and we want to make healthcare suck less.

Our mission

We are Health Yourself and we believe taking care of your health should be as easy as getting the new it-outfit from Zalando. That is why we are building a one-stop-shop offering products and services to address all your everyday health concerns.

Where we stand

We are starting with medical tests designed for home sampling. That means we send the test to your home, you take the test sample yourself, send it back to the lab and get your results online within a few days - no doctors visit needed!

What the future holds

Next up are online consultations with nutritionists and - especially important in crazy pandemic-times - therapists. Within the next year, we are also planning on adding online support groups and recurring prescriptions and medication delivery.