We've all been there. Taking risks is part of life. How bad is it? Should you get tested? If you are in a sexually active period, or running other risks, you should consider testing yourself regularly.

How often should you test?

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When should you test?

Any sexually active person should protect themselves and their partners by testing once per year. Condoms don't 100% protect you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Many people forget that oral and anal contact are also unsafe when done without protection.

Additionally, test yourself if you:

  • Want to start clean after coming out of a relationship
  • Plan to stop using condoms when dating turns into a relationship
  • Are considering becoming pregnant (or as a man: planning to have a baby with your partner)
  • Have symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease
  • Have been in touch with blood from untrusted sources
  • Were raped or sexually abused (stating the obvious: please also find professional support)

Get tested every 6 months when you:

  • Are having unprotected sex with multiple partners
  • Frequently use drugs or alcohol to the point where it's hard to remember what you did

Test for STDs every 3 months if you:

What happens on the street stays on the street
  • Use needle drugs
  • Are a sex worker
  • Are under 25 and have recently cured from Chlamydia