Do-it-yourself healthcare services

We believe healthcare should be as easy and straight forward as ordering some new shoes online. Available wherever and whenever it suits you.

100% hastle free

from your living room

based on medical best practice

Lab tests from home

Medication subscriptions

Health concerns we address

Women´s health

Services to address women´s health concerns plus contraception.


Manage hayfever effectively with tests & treatments from home

Vitamins & Nutrients

Optmize your wellbeing with testing & personalised supplements.

Health Checks

Take a general health check or for causes for specific issues like tiredness.

Sexual health

Take charge of your sexual health with STD testing.


COVID PCR testing from home including COVID certificate.

The Health Yourself Mission

With Health Yourself, we want to empower you to take charge of your own health. Pretty much any service in the world from investing our money to ordering new shoes has been reshaped to be available on our phones or laptops at any time. We believe it is high time, this is also true for healthcare. That is why we are redesigning key services like lab tests and ordering medication to be:

100% hastle free

Our goal is to cut out all unnecessary administrative activities from calls to the doctor´s office to trips to the pharmacy

Available from your living room

Healthcare should come to you and be available wherever and whenever you need it

Based on medical best practice

Our health is the most valuable asset we all have. Therefore, we only offer services where we can be sure to adhere to medical best practice

Most popular lab test from your living room

360° Fatigue Check

Sold out
  • ✔️checks for 7 common causes of persistent tiredness like iron and Vitamin D deficiency as well as thyroid issues
  • ✔️includes individual analysis & recommendations for treatment based on lab results from a Swiss doctor
  • ✔️take your sample from home and get results online 2-3 days later

Male Basics

Sold out

Hayfever Check

Sold out


Sold out

Iron Test

Sold out

How it works

Order your test

If you order your test before 5:30 pm, it wil arrive the next working day with Swiss Post.

Take your sample from home

With our test kits you can easily take a blood, urine or swab sample yourself. Never done this before? No worries, step by step instructions are included in your test kit.

Send your sample to the lab

Drop your sample off in any Swiss Post mailbox with the included Retourbox.

Receive your results online

Access your results online within 2-3 days. Guaranteed without medical jargon & clear instructions on what to do.

Medication subscriptions we offer

Prescription & non-prescription meds to your door step.

Contraception subscription

from CHF 99 for 6 months

  • ✔️set up subscription for contraceptive pill or vaginal ring and get it delivered to your home regularly
  • ✔️prescription included

Hayfever medication subscription

from CHF 49 per season pack

  • ✔️set up your subscription with your personal hayfever medication profile
  • ✔️get your anti-allergy medication delivered in time for every hayfever season

What you need to set up your medication subscription

You need to take medication regularly?

Take 10 minutes to set up your subscription and reorder with a few clicks from there on out. Prescription (if needed) and home delivery included.

All you need to set up your medication subscription is:
- your phone
- a valid ID
- an old box of your meds or old prescriptions
- 10 minutes of your time

What our customers have to say

Super professional, fast and reliable.

Testing finally is made easy and without any need to visit a doctor.

Arek, May 2021

Great service.

I found the whole process seamless and straightforward. Would 100% recommend.

Thomas, January 2021

Perfect. Finally, I don´t have to go to the doctor anymore to get my iron levels checked.

Saves money, time and stress!

Anna, March 2022

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