Set up your hayfever medication subscription

Get your hayfever meds delivered to your home every year. No last minute trips to the pharmacy or waits at the doctors office. All you need is your phone, your ID, a photo of your hayfever meds and 5 minutes.

What you need to get your hayfever medication

All you need to set up your hayfever medication subscription is

- your phone
- a valid ID
- old package of your medication
- 10 minutes of your time

After setting up your subscription, you can re-order with a few clicks.

How to set up your hayfever medication subscription

Answer some questions about your health

Answer some questions about your health to make sure your anti-allergy medication does not put your health in jeopardy.

Customize season package of hayfever medication

Put together your personal anti-allergy medication season pack based on serverity and duration of your hayfever symptoms.

Verify identity & that you used the medication before

Upload a selfie-video and a photo of your old pill package your verify your identity and that you have taken this medication before.

Receive your medication with Swiss post

Your subscription will be reviewed by a doctor and once it is approved, your medication will be delivered to you. Expect to receive your medication within 2-3 days.

How to reorder

Get a reminder to stock up again in time for the next hayfever season & log in to re-order with a few clicks.

Set up your subscription now

Hayfever Medication Subscription

from CHF 89 for full season package

Set up your subscription once, then re-order with a few clicks

Configure your season pack as part of your subscription setup

Home delivery within 2-3 days

Hayfever medications we offer
as part of our pilot program

Anti-allergy pills

Cetirizin Helvepharm
Cetirizin Mepha
Cetirizin Streuli
Cetirizin Spirig HC
Cetallerg Sandoz
Ceteco Sandoz
Triofan Allergie
Loratadin Sandoz
Lorado Pollen Sandoz
Lora Mepha Allergie
Loratin Mepha
Telfastin Allergo
Fexo Pollen Sandoz
Fexofenadin Sandoz
Fexofenadine Zentiva
Fexo-Mepha Allergie
Clatra = Bilaxten 30 Stk

Anti-allergy nose spray

    • TRIOFAN Heuschnupfen Nasenspray
      TRIOFAN Heuschnupfen Gtt Opht
      ALLERGODIL saisonal Nasenspray
      ALLERGODIL saisonal Gtt Opht
      LIVOSTIN Nasenspray


      • LIVOSTIN Augentropfen
        Allergo Comod Gtt Opht
        Opticrom Allergo

Our partners

Become a pilot customer for our hayfever medication subscription!

Our hayfever medication subscription is currently running as a pilot program. Please leave your email address and optionally your phone number and we will provide you with access to the ordering system within 24 hours.

All our pilot customers will get a CHF 25 discount on their first order and we hope, you will be willing to have a short phone call with us to discuss your experience and what we can improve!

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