Hayfever Check

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checks presence and severity of allergic reaction to 20+ most common pollen

assess alternative triggers for hayfever symptoms such as dust mites & pets

samples are taken at home and evaluated by Swiss lab

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The Hayfever Check is a medical test specifically designed for home use and your sample will be evaluated by a Swiss lab.

With the Hayfever Check, we assess presence and severity of an allergic reaction to the 20+ most common pollen which caues hayfever. To verify there is no alternative cause for your hayfever symptoms, we also check for an allergic reaction triggered by different types of animal dandor.


Why getting tested will make a difference

#1 Get your medication in time

If you know what you are allergic to, you can check when those pollen hit the air and get your medication in time.

#2 Know when to stay indoors

Providers like meteo suisse not only offer a daily pollen radar but also a forecast. If you know which pollen will drive you into a sneeze-attack, you can check and schedule your outdoor time accordingly.

#3 Know which locations to avoid

Thinkung about moving? Check the trees in front of your new window and make sure they will not make you cry for three months of the year. Issues at the office? Maybe there is a tree outside your window. Ask your boss to move desks.

#4 Figure out possible treatments

Knowing what you are allergic to can help you figure out possible treatments. For example, for a lot of hayfever-causing pollen, there are now oral treatments for immunotherapy - so you could potentially cure your hayfever without lots and lots of injections!

How it works

Step 1:

Order your hayfever test

  • if you order before 5:30pm, your test will arrive the next working day, otherwise it arrives on the 2nd working day
  • all tests arrive with Swiss Post

Step 2:

Activate test & take your sample

  • activate your test online using the code in your test box and then take your sample
  • put the sample into the Retourbox and return it to our Swiss lab by dropping the box into any mailbox

Step 3:

Get your test results online

  • log in to view your results online within 2-3 days
  • results tell you what is causing your hayfever and provide some recommendations on how to use that information best

What the test checks for

Type of Pollen Season


January - June with break end of April/beginning of May


March - May


January - April

Ash tree

March - May


May - August


July - September


April - September

12 Types of Grass

April - September

Dust mites

All year round


All year round


All year round

Guinea pigs

All year round


All year round

How you can treat hayfever

Hayfever medication for symptoms

If you have hayfever, there is a good chance, that you are already familiar with the wide array of pills, nose sprays and eye drops available to manage your hayfever symptoms. The most common medications are so called anti-histamines. To understand how they work you have to understand that hayfever is basically a faulty reaction from your immune system to for example pollen. Anti-histamines work to suppress this reaction of your immune system. There are anti-histamines which work locally - for example as a nose spray - and pills which work systematically across all your symptoms. Older versions of these pills tended to make you really tired, but newer ones don´t - so make sure to get the right ones!

Immunotherapy for long-term hayfever treatment

If you have hayfever, your immune system - erroneously - reacts to allergens from the plant kingdom like pollen.
With immunotherapy, you train your immune system not to do that anymore. That means, you intentionally expose your body to the respective allergen in the form of tablets or injections for over around 2 to 3 years. If all goes well, that will actually cure your hayfever or in the very least drastically reduce your symptoms. While it takes some time, it is definitely worth giving it a thought since over time, hayfever can get worse and even lead to aasthma.

More hayfever services coming soon!

We are working on new services for hayfever treatment - sign up for product updates to stay informed!

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