Fighting Fatigue

Figure out why you are tried & address the underyling cause with a step-by-step process.

Figure out what makes you tired

Check common causes for fatigue with a lab test

This lab test from home checks for 7 common causes of persistent tiredness from vitamin deficiencies to issues with thyroid, kidney or liver.

Do a sleep screening to discover issues with your sleep

This at-home sleep screening device from our partner Sleepiz discovers common sleep issues like sleep apnoe from your bedside table.

Treat the cause of your fatigue

Depending on the outcomes of your test and your screening, we can help you solve your problem or point you towards the right doctor.

Lab test to check for 7 common causes of fatigue

360° Fatigue Check

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Tests for 7 possible sources of persistent tiredness like for example vitamin deficiencies or thyroid issues

Get personalised advice on how to get your energy back from a Swiss doctor

Take your sample from home, analysis by Swiss lab

Parameters the test analyses and how they make you tired

Fatigue can be caused by things ranging from Vitamin D deficiency
to issues with your thyroid or chronic inflammation.


What is this parameter all about?

- protein that stores iron and releases it in a controlled fashion
- used as an indicator to check for iron deficiency

How can it cause fatigue?

- iron deficiency leads to decreases in hemoglobin and red blood cells which carry oxygen to your brain and muscles
- these "oxygen transportation issues" negatively impact performance and overall wellbeing aka you feel tired and weak

Vit D3

    • What is this parameter all about?

      -vitamin which affects lots of things in the body including bone structure, muscle function & immune system

      How can it cause fatigue?

      - while studies have proven that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with fatigue, the exact reason why is not 100% clear
      - we kown, that Vitamin D for example affects muscle movement and regeneration. Therefore a deficiency can cause muscle weakness which might affect our general sense of energy
      - It could also been shown that Vitamin D receptors are present in many areas of the brain and play a role in regulation of neurotransmitters, especially dopamin and serotonin. An imbalance might lead to tiredness and depressive mood


      • What is this parameter all about?

        -key parameter to assess how well the thyroid functions

        How can it cause fatigue?

        - thyroid Hormons regulate activity level of the body
        - this can affect things like sleep, metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure and digestion
        - fatigue can occur with a underfunction as well as hyperfunction of the thyroid
        - underfunction can for example lead to low blood pressure, slow metabolism and tiredness
        - hyperfunction can indirectly cause tiredness by disrupting your sleep


      • What is this parameter all about?

        - indicator to assess muscle health and kidney function

        How can it cause fatigue?

        - kidneys play an important role in managing our body´s water balance & the eliminating waste products from our systems
        - if kidneys don´t work so well, toxic waste products of our metabolism can stay in our bodies or issues with water balance can occur
        - both can make us feel tired


      • What is this parameter all about?

        - enzyme which is measured to check liver health

        How can it cause fatigue?

        - our liver plays an important role in "detoxifying" our bodies (one good example is alcohol)
        - reduced liver function can mean that toxic "waste" remains in the body
        - this for example negatively affects metabolism and brain fucntion which in turn causes tiredness


      • What is this parameter all about?

        - so-callsed "non-spedific parameter " for measuring activity of the immune system
        - can for example be used to detect infections

        How can it cause fatigue?

        - elevated CRP levels are a sign of latent infection or autoimmune or rheumatic diseases
        - if you have an infection, your body is constantly "working on fighting the infection" which makes you tired

Basal Cortisol

      • What is this parameter all about?

        - "stress hormone", produced by adrenal glands
        - increases blood sugar
        - suppresses the immune system
        - aids in the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates

        How can it cause fatigue?

        - adrenal insufficiency (very rare) can mean a reduced ability to regulate "activity level" of our bodies
        - this can make us feel tired
        - since cortisol can fluctuate a lot, if there seems to be an issue, additional diagnostics will be needed to pinpoint the problem

Take the test from the comfort of your own home

Order your test & get it the next working day if you order before 17:30.
Activate your test online with the code in the test kit.

Collect a few blood drops from your finger. Never done that before? No worries. detailed instructions are indlucded.

Return your sample to the lab with Swiss post

Receive results incl. assessment & recommendations from a doctor online 2-3 days later.

Sleep screening from home to discover common sleep issues

This little awesome machine can detect common sleep issues like sleep apnea by just sitting on your nightstand for 3 days.


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3 nights of sleep screening in the comfort of your own home, just put the device on your nightstand

discover common sleep issues like sleep apnoe

receive a report and call from a sleep expert to understand your screening results

Treat the underlying causes making you tired

Depending on the outcome of your lab tests and your sleep screening, take action to get your energy back.

Personal supplements

Get your personalised supplement mix based on your lab test results to for example treat deficiencies.

Sleep coaching

Book a call with a sleep coach to analyse and improve your sleeping habits and to get better rest.

Visit a doctor

If there are signs for more serious issues like kidney disease or sleep apnea, we will point you to the right doctor to help you.

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