We are a young start-up from Zürich, Switzerland, and we are on a mission:

To make medical products and services suck less

Our home base is Zürich, in the beautiful Switzerland. From there, we develop medical products and services for digital natives. Why do we do with think this is necessary? From our own experience, we can tell that most medical services suck big time - especially when you're used to the customer experience of Google, Zalando and the likes of them. That's why we re-combine existing products and services into solutions fit for the needs and expectations of digital natives. We always cover the entire process of serving a health-related need, e.g. from advice through testing to treatment. That means no more running from one provider to the other to get your problem solved. First stop: STDs.

Currently we are working on expanding our offering to other daily needs, like contraception, menstruation, hay fever and hair loss. When we grow up, we'd like to become your One-Stop-Shop for all your regular medical needs. Stay tuned!