The tests you purchased and your test results are for your eyes only. What do we do to ensure your privacy?

  • Your test results can only be accessed with a special code. This code is on the code card of your sampling kit. Nobody has this code, except for you. When you send your sample to the lab, the lab only receives that code, not your name or contact details.
  • When you subscribe for notifications, we delete your contact data once we have notified you.
  • When you buy a test, we keep your order data for maximum a month. This is needed to support you if something goes wrong with the delivery of your order. Afterwards we only keep an "offline" copy, which we are legally required.
  • Our Test advisor does not ask for personal data that could lead to you.

Can we do better? Do you think your data have been compromised? Have we overlooked something? Please inform us immediately through the chat or our Complaints form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

For full information on how we protect your privacy, read our Privacy Policy.