We are committed to 2-3 working days for making your test results available. We see that we can keep this promise most often. If there are no exceptions, almost 60% of the test results are available in the evening of the 2nd working day after you have returned your test to us. The remaining test results are usually available in the morning of the 3rd working day or - in some rare cases - later that day.

As we are a young start-up, it doesn't always go as planned. So far we have been facing 2 exceptions. Early August we screwed up once. And more recently, there was an incident on the side of our logistics provider. Our apologies to those who have been affected by either of those incidents.

"Thanks" to that incident, we discovered that our approach to logistics has been too optimistic. We are forced to rethink part of our process. For the short term we found a workaround, which is equally fast, yet less reliable and more costly. In the meantime we are working on a stable solution, to bring back reliability and affordability into our logistics. Bear with us!

In case you experience any issues, please notify us, as that helps us bringing the service back to the level we were proud of. Please contact our Support.