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sFemale Basics - home sampling Kit
  • DE Vaginalabstrich
  • Testet auf Chlamydien und Tripper
  • Relevant wenn du vaginalen Sex hattest oder oralen Sex empfangen hast

Der Female Basics Test ist ein zertifizierter Labortest, der speziell verpackt und für die Probenentnahme Zuhause konzipiert ist. Es werden STIs erkannt, mit denen du dich vor mehr als 14 Tagen infiziert hast.

5 Facts about
COVID immunity


Having had COVID does not necessarily mean you are protected


Having been vaccinated does not necessarily mean that you are protected for example due to mutations of the virus


Protection can be assessed by measuring so called antibodies in your blood


Antibody levels - that means your degree of protection - might change over time


Good news: While there is a lot of unknowns around Corona immunity management, there are lots of studies going on to shed light on all this and we will help you stay up to date

How it works

Get vaccinated & order your test

  • to check for vaccination success take the test 3 weeks after your final dose
  • you can order your test now and we will sent it to your home so you already have it handy

Activate youre test & fill in online health questionnaire

  • activate your test online before taking your sample
  • fill in online health questionnaire about COVID history & health risks

Take your sample & get your results online

  • take your sample and return it to our Swiss lab with Swiss Post
  • log in to view your results online within 2-3 days

Receive ongoing COVID immunity updates

  • immunity updates are based on your test results, health questionnaire responses and newest scientific findings
  • updates cover topics like protection from mutations, projected duration of protection and vaccine updates

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