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COVID immunity

Iron deficiency



COVID antibody tests & immunity updates

With COVID Immunity management we take the guess-work out of COVID immunity.

There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to COVID immunity, but with our advanced COVID antibody tests & COVID immunity updates, you can be as sure as scientifically possible about your protection status.

Health concerns we address


With our COVID offering, our goal is to help you feel as safe as possible as we all transition into a hopefully more "normal" state of things and to help you deal with the emotional fallout of living through a pandemic.

Feeling safe
COVID immunity management -->
COVID immunity management for business -->

Dealing with the emotional fallout
Post-pandemic mental health check COMING SOON
Pandemic recovery online support group COMING SOON


Allergies - especially hayfever - can be a real pain in the butt. We want to help you manage - and treat - your allergies as effortlessly as possible to protect your nerves and your health.

Hayfever -->
Food allergies & intolerances -->

Symptom management
Hayfever medication subscription COMING SOON
Nutrition advice for food intolerances COMING SOON

Hayfever immunotherapy COMING SOON

Nutrient deficiencies

Nutrients like iron, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids are key to keep our bodies in good working order. However, things like a vegan or vegetarian diet, doing lots of sports or for women, menstruation, can wreck havoc. That´s why it´s important to monitor your nutrient levels and address any deficiencies quickly.

Iron deficiency -->
Vitamin B12 deficiency COMING SOON
Vitamin D deficiency COMING SOON
Omega-3 deficiency COMING SOON
For women -->
For vegans & vegetarians COMING SOON

Supplements COMING SOON
Nutrition advice COMING SOON

Sexual health

We all want a healthy sex life! To help you with that, we are building products from STD testing to contraception advice and support with sex-related issues from erectile disfunction to interpersonal problems.


Prescriptions & medication delivery
Birth control subscription COMING SOON
Erectile disfunction COMING SOON
Premature ejaculation COMING SOON
Vaginal dryness COMING SOON

Sexual therapy COMING SOON
Couples therapy COMING SOON

Mental health

Taking care of your health does not only mean checking in with your body but also with your mind. Especially after one year of home office, ongoing uncertainty and other stress it´s time to check in with your mental health and get some support if necessary.

Individual therapy
Post-pandemic mental health check-->
Vitamin B12 deficiency COMING SOON
Vitamin D deficiency COMING SOON
Omega-3 deficiency COMING SOON
For women -->
For vegans & vegetarians COMING SOON

Online support groups
Supplements COMING SOON
Nutrition advice COMING SOON

Services we are working on


About Home Sampling Tests

Description about Tests e.g., medical tests to be taken from home, analysis in a certified lab

Available Tests

COVID immunity >
Iron deficiency >
Hayfever >
STDs >

Planned Tests

  • Food intolerances
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin D
    For vegans & vegetarians
    For sportswomen and -men
    Minerals (Magnesium - Zinc - Selen)

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Prescriptions & Medication Delivery

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Recurring prescriptions & medication delivery
Birth control subscription >
Hayfever medication >
Hayfever immunotherapy (SLIT) >
Acne >
Psariosis >
Neurodermitis >
Aasthma >
Erectile disfuction >
Premature ejaculation >
Hairloss >

Online Consultations

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Nutrition deficiencies >
Food intolerances >
Obesity >
Sport performance>

Anxiety >
Burnout >
Relationships & Sex

Sleep coaching >

Online Support Groups

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Home Sampling Tests
COVID immunity >
Food intolerances >
Iron deficiency >
Hayfever >
Hormones >
Minerals (Magnesium - Zinc - Selen) >
Omega-3 >
Vitamin B12 >
Vitamin D >
STDs >

About Health Yourself


Having had COVID does not necessarily mean you are protected


Having been vaccinated does not necessarily mean that you are protected for example due to mutations of the virus


Protection can be assessed by measuring so called antibodies in your blood


Antibody levels - that means your degree of protection - might change over time