Happy Healthmas with lab tests from your living room

Show your friends and family - and yourself! - that you care by empowering them to take charge of their health! Easily solvable but high-impact health issues like a vitamin or nutrient deficiency can be avoided by testing regularly.

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Test from home, no doctor´s visit needed

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For powerwomen

For workaholics

For vegans & vegetarians

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Find the right test for your friends and family

Iron Tracking for power women

Vitamin B12 Tracking for vegans & vegetarians

Vitamin D Test for workaholics

360° Vitamin & Nutrient Test for optimizers

Iron Tracking - The right test for the power woman in your life

Power women need to keep up their energy to sustain their high-octane lifestyle!

Iron deficiency - which up to 20% of women have ! - can get in the way: with symptoms like being constantly tired, having issues concentrating as well as headaches and feeling generally weak, power women seriously want to avoid this.

So get the power woman in your life that iron test to make sure she will cruise into the new year with energy and spirits up!

Iron Tracking for power women

Iron Tracking

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