Male Basics - STD test

CHF 89
Male Basics - STD test

Male Basics - STD test

CHF 89

Male Basics - STD home sampling kit
  • Urine test
  • Tests for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea
  • Important if you have vaginal sex, receive oral sex or give anal sex

Male Basics is a certified lab test, especially packaged and designed for home sampling. STDs that you contracted more than 14 days ago are discovered.


Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea (also known as the Clap or Tripper) are the most common severe sexually transmitted diseases. They often come without noticeable symptoms, but affect e.g. fertility and unborn babies. People with an active sex life easily spread them. The use of condoms is not a guarantee to be clean.

This urine-test analyses the presence of these infections in your urethra. The urethra is the tube that runs from your bladder through your penis. This is the highest risk zone, as the penis is often exposed during sex.

Oral and anal tests are offered separately. There is also a dedicated test available for your female partner.

How does it work?


Your test is packaged discreetly in a plain envelope, that fits into your mailbox. When you order multiple tests, they arrive each in their own envelope. Order before 17:30 and get your test delivered home with Swiss A-Post the next day (except Sundays and public holidays).

Taking a sample

You need 5-10 minutes to take a urine sample. The package contains detailed sampling instructions in German, instructions in English, French and Italian are available online. Keep the code card in your test kit, you need it to access your results.

Lab analysis

Return the urine sample with our free Retourbox. This will protect your sample during transport. Use any yellow mailbox of Swiss Mail, no stamp required. Our ISO-certified lab will analyse your sample with high accuracy. Your test results are usually available in 3-4 working days after you have returned the sample.

Test results

Access your test results with the code in your test kit. Sign-up for a notification if want us to inform you when your results are in. If the lab analysis indicates the presence of Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea, we will guide you through the next steps.

About the test

The legal manufacturer of this test is Openlab BV. The official product name is " SOA-TEST MAN". The test is CE-certified according to the European Directive 98/79/EC for in vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices. This is recorded in a so-called Declaration of Conformity. Openlab BV works with the ISO 15189 certified lab Diagnostiek voor U (NL), for analysing your sample.

Product details

  • Dimensions: 22 * 10 * 2 cm
  • Weight (empty): 67 gram
  • Shelf life (as of manufacturing): at least 6 months
  • Package contents: see product visuals


At a 95% confidence interval:

  • Sensitivity Chlamydia: 96.5%
  • Sensitivity Gonorrhoea: 96.5%
  • Specificity Chlamydia: 98.7%
  • Specificity Gonorrhoea: 99.4%

In case of any issues, with delivery, taking the sample, test results or quality of the tests, Health Yourself is your single point of contact. In case of faulty tests, please contact us immediately.


Every test kit contains a unique code, which is sealed inside the package. Only with this code you can get your test results. We don't know your code, so your test results can not be linked to you. Mind you: if you lose your code card, we have no way of recovering your code. Save it carefully! Hint: take a picture of your code 📸

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